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Hello fellow Yachties and everyone who loves the Sea!

You may notice right off the bat, YachtInspired only ships to the USA. It is our goal to expand our offering to all regions of the world in the near future. One of the reasons I love the yachting industry is that we can meet and work with people from around the world - forming lifelong friendships! While our products currently only ship to the USA, your seasoned experiences, stories, and feedback are valuable to all of us immediately and we hope to hear from you! 

Just a little bit about me: My formal name is June Foster, but friends and crew mates call me by other names -- Junie, Junebug, Juniebambooni, and yes :) admittedly June June Hannah. Tell us your favorite nicknames in the comment section and why you received this enduring name! Would love to hear!

I’m 25-years-old, stationed out of the lovely seaside coastal town of Phoenix, Arizona. Well, that’s my home base since I currently travel between Florida, Mediterranean, and Australia. I'm excited about one day traveling to all areas of the world!  

One reason we Yachties do what we do is the opportunity to meet, live and work with fantastic people from different backgrounds. Diversity leads to learning, and learning leads to success! While we are all uniquely different, the one thing we have in common is the wish to be recognized for a job well done. The Sea Our Love Collection captures the essence of genuine care for those we work with, our passion for the yachting industry, and the love we have for the sea.

I have been in the yachting industry for about three years, so I have much to learn and experience. But I come to you with an open mind, excited about the possibilities of sharing feedback, thoughts, opinions, stories, and lessons learned.

All feedback and comments are absolutely welcome with just a few common-sense rules: Please keep it clean, professional, and respectful of others -- and offer possible solutions to a problem, where applicable.

The Sea Blog will include many inspirational subjects, such as:

  • Mini-bio highlights from crew members
  • Yacht leader highlights (management/leadership styles and effectiveness)
  • Crew member stories
  • Surveys and results
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Conservation news and information

If you have an idea for an article -- or if you would like to write one yourself – I’d love to post it! Please contact me at

There were two primary goals for starting up YachtInspiredThe first was to design and offer convenient and meaningful Welcome and Recognition products as part of a company’s overall recognition program. And the second goal was to establish a venue to be able to give back to the community. 

I’ll start with the latter. Over the past five years, I have volunteered for non-profit efforts, and have written many articles that support them -- but I have not had the means nor opportunity to financially contribute in a meaningful way.

My passions are focused on conservation, poverty alleviation, and supporting people in need, particularly children who so desperately need help. Through this venue, and with your kind support, it is my hope that I will have the means to financially donate to organizations that have a positive impact. Those include: The Conservation Project International (T-CPI), Comfort Cases, Helvetas USA, and Heart Strings Foundation. Please see “About” to learn more about these wonderful organizations. In future Sea Blogs, I will highlight them in more detail.

The second primary goal was to design and offer meaningful and convenient Welcome and Recognition products that facilitate motivation, engagement, performance and retention. As Owners and Yacht Leaders, we know how much you have on your plate ensuring a successful, safe and meaningful experience for your guests and crew. YachtInspired is here to help by providing convenient, yet genuinely warm products to be kept on hand to say “Thank You!”

When I entered the yachting industry, I had the wonderful opportunity to work on numerous yachts. Each varied from the others in many different ways, such as model, type, size, age, interior/exterior designs, private versus charter, number of crew members, compensation and benefits. One item that always made me smile was how big or small the sleeping quarters were, and whether or not you were at risk of bumping your head on the ceiling each time you got out of bed. Many times these were among my favorites - it really just came down to the culture.

Other differences included the overall culture, leadership and management styles, workplace practices, policies and philosophies, people, mission, vision, and values, and communications. It was these differences that inspired YachtInspired as they were key factors in determining longevity.

Simply put, I could be working on the most luxurious yacht in the world and compensated beautifully, but if the culture, leadership style, team work, training, and career opportunities were poor, no amount of money or luxury would compel me to stay for the long term. I may stay for a while to “tick-off” a building block for my CV and satisfy a career progression step, but I would quietly seek the next opportunity (unless the current conditions changed dramatically).

When talking with others and reading studies and blogs, I found I am not alone in my priorities. After all, we are working and living in close quarters together 24/7. The importance of working in a positive and engaging environment cannot be overstated.

I did some research on Yacht Crew Retention and prevailing reasons why crew members depart, and I found the high-level findings very valuable.

In an article called Developing Crew Stability: The Crew Turnover Survey by Karen Passman (published on, 10 March 2017), Impact Crew conducted a turnover survey and received in excess of 800 responses that provided insight for improving crew stability and retention. The findings showed that 50% of yacht crew leave within the first year -- of those, 38% senior crew departed, 69% junior crew left, and 65% of those leaving were chefs.

Interestingly, only 9% cited money as one of their main reasons for departure, but when asked what would have made them stay with that yacht longer, only 3% would have remained for monitory reasons. Notably, direct and indirect costs can spiral towards €50K depending upon the role.

Another article was published on by Rachel Rowney (18 Jan 2019), titled How can we solve turnover in the lower ranks?

Rachel asked, “What are the motivating factors for crew to leave a yacht, and what methods are captains employing to encourage longevity?” 

Captain Boris Sore, M/Y Pida stated that: “Firstly, your crew should move up [through the ranks], otherwise they are not ambitious or skilled enough, both of which are bad. Their living habits change, as well as their perspective, and they may want to look for another boat location. The second scenario is when your crew leave to be on a similar boat, and this is the one we should worry about.” 

The Captain’s statements are relevant and meaningful which leads me into this question: When the yachts are physically similar, what are the other factors that contribute to a crew member staying or departing?

The culture is the character and personality of a company. A positive culture impacts happiness, satisfaction, performance, and retention. Leadership, practices, policy, and people all influence the culture. Providing a warm welcome and saying “Thank You” for a job well done are great tools for your recognition program.

We know how busy you are! How can we help?

YachtInspired has created a very special Welcome and Recognition Collection that is sure to inspire, retain, motivate and engage! Our beautifully designed So Happy You Have Joined Us! Welcome Kit will set the stage and speak volumes of your warm and engaging culture. A new member’s first few days -- and indeed, their first few weeks -- are critical to how they’ll perform in the long term.

YachtInspired also offers a convenient and meaningful way to say “Thank You on the Spot” with our Spot and Service Anniversary Awards

Kenneth H. Blanchard, The One Minute Manager, famously quoted:    

Help people to reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right.

Our beautiful, custom-designed Spot and Service Anniversary Awards are the perfect solution to help retain employees and keep them inspired all season long. If used as Service Awards, our Milestone suggestions are:

  • Welcome Aboard
  • Captain's Thank You Coin: Very Special Occasions
  • 1st Month Milestone: Amazing (SuperYacht)
  • 2nd Month Milestone: Impressive (Flying Fish)
  • 3rd Month Milestone: Incredible (Swordfish)
  • 6th Month Milestone: Invaluable (Seahorse)
  • 9th Month Milestone: Exceptional: (King Penguin)
  • 1st Year Anniversary: Irreplaceable: (Dolphins)
  • 2rd Year Anniversary: Phenomenal (Whale)
  • 3rd Year: Legendary (Sailboat)

As I wrap-up my first Sea Blog, I’d like to summarize by saying that our Sea Our Love Collection is a reflection of the genuine care we have for our Crew Mates and Leaders, our passion for the yachting industry, and our love for everything about the sea. We hope you love our products and we hope they will inspire, motivate and retain.

Please comment below - Would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, wishing you calm seas, happy times & rewarding journeys!



Can you please make a shirt that says June June Hannah??

My husband and I joke around the house all the time – like I’ll say Mike Mike Cheryl when I’m trying to get his attention.

We all love you. That statement is just funny and we love it!

Such a cute line of clothing!

Cheryl March 01, 2020

Wow thank you for all this information. You learn something new everyday, especially when you are starting this new career. What you are doing here is absolutely amazing. Thank you again for letting us share our journey. I will be coming back and giving my own personal ones. Have a blessed day. Noemi

Noemi March 01, 2020

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