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It is my honor to highlight Master Lorenzo Chinnici. In 1942, Lorenzo Chinnici was born in Meri, Northeastern Sicily. Many his paintings reflect Sicily’s beautiful landscape, people, and culture. I would love to share with you a small sample of his vast array of exquisite seascape paintings.

"I grew up in Sicily. This island offers pure and unsophisticated beauty, its light, its warmth, its vivid colours surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. When you are a keen observer of the nature and its inhabitants, you can only fall in love with it."
- Lorenzo Chinnici


Through his paintings, he has indeed captured beauty, light, warmth, and vivid colors surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. If you do an internet search of Lorenzo Chinnici's name, hundreds of articles and reviews will come up from the most prestigious publications on contemporary art.


Throughout this article, you will notice that I have extracted a few wonderful quotes that can be found in their entirety on Lorenzo Chinnici's "Critics/Press" page of his official website: 


The first painting I would like to share with you is titled, La SerenataEach time I view this beautiful scene, dreams and hopes come to life, and reflect an enchanting glimpse of a magical moment. The painting reflects romanticism of life and the sea, innocence, and tranquility. (Tempera on Canvas, 50x50cm)

La Serenta. Tempera on Canvas, 50x50cm

“Chinnici deeply loves nature in all its best delicate expressions, in its most beautiful sceneries, in its quiet and eloquent loneliness.” – G.C. Capritti

Lorenzo Chinnici and Underwater. Tempera on Canvas, 200x80cm


Perhaps there is also this message in the naturalistic paintings of Chinnici, a kind of color poetry that sings the simplicity of country life and of sea life, to contemplate an ideal of bliss and serenity of the soul, content with what nature provides and that human civilization has not yet spoiled and contaminated. - Salvino Greco

Seascape, Oil on Canvas, 110x140cm

Sicilian Paradise, Varnish-Acrylic on Wall, 200x1500cm

In Chinnici, however, there is no shortage of the pleasure of comforting serenity, when a balanced relationship can be restored between man and nature. – Vittorio Sgarbi


Mimma & Francesco, Oil on Canvas, 80x60cm

When discussing the below painting, Five Fisherman, with Deborah Blakeley, Lorenzo Chinnici shared the below:

The artwork is one of the paintings that describe my work best. My fascination of the human labour comes from my childhood memories. Since then, I paint the psyche of the figure. I want to show the hard light, the strength of the physical labour, and the energy of those fishermen. It’s very hard and necessary work to sustain a family. I want to underline the hope for a better day, the nature, the freedom to express all our inhibitions and ourselves. This painting encompasses all the elements that characterize me: the light and the darkness, the happiness and melancholy, the strength and the fear, the hope, and the resignation.

Five Fishermen, Oil on Canvas; 50x70cm


We find in the landscape’s rare clarity and freshness, that rarefies every pain in the atmosphere of a still warm sun. Still lifes full of colours and flavours, but not lost in a timeless dream, framed in the everyday reality of life. - Emanuela Catalano


Grape Harvest, Oil on Canvas; 200x380cm


The physicality and the descriptive accuracy are, at times, a successive penetration to probe humanity, the dress, in tune with the chromatic tones that like light and space of reality, give back happiness, anxiety, sadness and the hope of awareness of the world. – A. Caruso


Lopadusa (Lampedusa), Tempera on Canvas,100x100cm

I would love to conclude our Spotlight with Sicilian Sunset. Lorenzo’s use of rich colors combined with exquisite detail reflect what I love most about the Sea – it's endless beauty and tranquility.


The paintings found within this article reflect a tiny glimpse of Lorenzo Chinnici's beautiful and diverse masterpieces. To learn more about his remarkable life and vast portfolio, please visit: 

You can also follow Lorenzo Chinnici and his son, Francesco Chinnici, on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to keep informed about upcoming exhibitions that are held in the most beautiful settings across the globe. Please see the below links.

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Lorenzo Chinnici and Francesco Chinnici for approval to write this article, and thank you Master Chinnici for sharing your heart, through your beautiful paintings, with all of us. 





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