Onboarding New Yacht Crew Members

Congratulations on securing your contract for the 2020 yachting season!

Butterflies swarm your stomach as you catch sight of a smiling deckhand in a pearl white tender navigating up to the pier. You grab the handle of your rolling duffle bag that is stuffed with carefully selected attire and toiletries, and make your way to the tender. You say hello - he is one of eleven crew members you will be sharing close quarters with over the next eight months. His welcoming demeanor is a positive first impression. As he turns the tender out to sea, you spot your new home floating serenely at anchor. Your smile is unmistakable as this is the yacht and opportunity you have been hoping for.

You think back to your last few seasons recalling how each yacht and each onboarding experience was uniquely different. A nauseous feeling comes over you as you clearly remember on a few, unfortunate occasions, the onboarding was less than ideal. In these instances, you were quickly acknowledged, given a safety briefing, and promptly put to work. There were so many unanswered questions resulting in feelings of frustration and anxiety. Not surprisingly, the first impressions mirrored the days and weeks to come. Sadly, a solid foundation for a productive relationship never materialized. In these instances, you were keen to leave the yacht as quickly as you came, and you did.

But today, as the tender quickly approaches the yacht, you’re optimistic, hoping upon hope, the culture would be as beautiful as the yacht itself.

As you make your way up, you’re greeted by the Captain, Chief Stew and Mate. They appear to be excited to see you. Your Chief Stew introduces you to the interior team and shows you your sleeping quarters where you drop your duffle bag and change into your uniform.

A few minutes later, the Chief Stew asks you to follow her up to the crew mess. As you sit down, she presents you with a colorful welcome kit and a folder. A huge smile comes to your face as you open the box and discover welcoming gifts to include a welcome card signed by each crew member. You then open the folder and the Chief Stew reviews each item contained within.

You’re overwhelmed with the genuine care and thoroughness of the initial orientation that includes a listing of additional training over the course of the next few days and weeks. You feel her sincerity and appreciate her expertise throughout the briefing. That evening, the Captain has dinner with the entire crew to formally welcome you onboard.

As you reflect upon the day, you let out a long sigh of relief as you are confident it will be a fantastic season.

First impressions are tremendously important and onboarding is the ideal opportunity to win over the hearts and minds of new crew members.

Onboarding Welcome Kit

As leaders of a yacht, we know how busy you are and we'd love to help! In celebration of the upcoming season, we are happy to extend a 30% discount to warmly welcome your team! YachtInspired has created a very special Welcome Kit that includes a Welcome Card, custom designed Welcome Coin, FDA Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Traveling Teddy sporting our Sea Our Love Tee, FDA Stainless Steel Collapsible Straw and convenient note journal.

We also recommend a go-to resource/information folder that includes:
  • Welcome Letter from the Captain
  • Management structure and team information to include names, photos, and role of all crew members
  • Company culture, values and strategic vision
  • Itinerary
  • Wi-Fi password
  • Policies and guidelines
    • Safety and security checklists and duties
    • Standing orders
    • Schedules, hours of work and rest on charter and off-charter
    • Dress codes for different occasions
    • Confidentiality, use of cell phones, and social media polices
  • Job Specific Information
    • Job Description
    • Performance standards and expectations
    • Training and development expectations
    • Copy of employment contract
    • Terms and conditions of employment
    • Confidentiality agreements
We’d love to hear about your yacht’s onboarding process and other ideas about what to include in your welcome folder! Please share below and include why your onboarding program is so successful!

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