2 Straw Hats & Face Shield Set - 35% Off!

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 ***Limited Inventory. Enjoy the durability of SA Company's high reputation for quality with our custom designed Tropical Flower Straw Hat, Shark Camo Straw Hat, and Whimsical Fishy Face Shield for 35% off!  Protect yourself from the strong rays of the sun - Perfect Gift for two at a Fantastic Price!


  • One Tropical Flowered Straw Hat with Sailboat Patch
  • One Shark Designed Straw Hat with Sailboat Patch
  • Tubular Bandana features our whimsical fishy. Wear it multiple ways to include a headband, neck scarf, and face shield. Lightweight, soft and  breathable design is perfect for work, fishing, cold, riding and fitness. Reduces skin temperature and helps maintain hydration to keep you fresh and ready while outdoors. One Size Fits All Adults; Machine Washable; Air Dry; Do Not Iron

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