Captain's Thank You Spot Award Coin

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While a Thank You is always appreciated after the journey ends, being recognized on the spot and in the moment during the journey is HUGE! Receiving a Captain's Award is extremely special for any crew member. Feeling valued and appreciated soon after a successful job is key to high morale, productivity, retention, engagement, and strong teamwork. 

As a Captain, catch your valued crew members doing something amazing with our very Special Captain's Thank You Award Coin. Our convenient, easy to carry, easy to give, Captain's Thank You Coin is the perfect solution to genuinely say Well Done in a timely manner.

***Each coin comes with a complimentary velvet bag made of specially selected, high quality, luxurious velvet that has a small amount of stretch. Velvet bags are closed with ribbon pulls.


  • 1.75” Coin; Silver tone plated
  • Complimentary navy blue velvet bag