IMPRESSIVE Spot Award or 2nd Month Service Anniversary Coin

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Our beautifully designed, “IMPRESSIVE” Coin can be used as a spot award or service anniversary award. Timely recognition that occurs soon after a successful job is HUGE and is key to high morale, productivity, retention, engagement, and strong teamwork.

Perfect for any occasionStudents, Sports, Parent to Child, Manager to Employee, Peer to Peer, Employee to Manager, Friend to Friend. Meaningful for any occasion when you would like to say Well Done, Proud of You, Thank You and Keep up the Good Work with a heartfelt keepsake.

2nd Month Service Anniversary:  If used as a Service Anniversary Coin, we are recommending our "IMPRESSIVE" Coin to be used for the 2nd Month milestone. Studies have shown a high rate of turn-over in the first three months and first year in the yachting, hospitality and service industries. Whether you are a business on land or at sea, our coins are the perfect solution to decrease turnover while increasing morale, engagement and productivity by expressing to your employees how much you value and appreciate them!

***Each coin comes with a complimentary velvet bag made of specially selected, high quality, luxurious velvet that has a small amount of stretch. Velvet bags are closed with ribbon pulls.


  • 1.75” Coin; Silver tone plated
  • Complimentary navy blue velvet bag